Why patients might require wisdom tooth removal

By Montefiore Medical Center
January 15, 2021

With an oral examination and a series of x-rays, the dentists at Montefiore Medical Center can easily spot issues within the smile that may require dental treatments. Once common concern is that of the wisdom teeth, or the “third molars.” These teeth are known for becoming potential issues within the smile for various reasons. They are the last teeth to erupt through the gumline, and often require removal.

Why should I have my wisdom teeth removed?

There are some patients who are able to have their wisdom stay in place without concerns, though more often than not, they need to be removed by a dental professional. Below are some of the more common reasons why patients choose to have one or all of their wisdom teeth removed:
•             Infection – typically a localized gum infection called pericoronitis occurs, resulting in pain, swelling, and difficulty eating that causes a patient to seek the assistance of a dental provider for treatment.
•             Cyst formation – if a fluid-filled cyst develops around the wisdom tooth, it often becomes problematic and requires removal of the tooth.
•             Possible crowding – if a patient is experiencing overcrowding, or recently had orthodontic work done to address the problem, the formation of the wisdom tooth and eruption through the gums might pose a problem and affect the alignment of the smile.
•             Damage to adjacent teeth – if the wisdom tooth turns and becomes impacted, it can push against the surrounding teeth.
•             Contribution to periodontal disease – for patients who have a wisdom tooth come successfully through the gumline, they may still be more prone to the development of cavities or even periodontal disease because of the positioning of the tooth. Wisdom teeth are very far back in the mouth and can be difficult to effectively brush and floss for some patients.

Should I have my wisdom teeth removed?

If you are thinking that wisdom tooth removal is essential to maintaining the health of your smile, it is time to book an appointment at Montefiore Medical Center to discuss your situation. Call (888) 700-6623 to schedule a visit at any one of our eleven convenient locations. We are dedicated to providing the best possible care for patients who are in need of general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry.

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