Who Should Consider Wisdom Tooth Removal?

By henley.tabal
August 15, 2023

Wisdom tooth extraction is considered one of the most common procedures since most people's mouths can't accommodate the additional molars that come with them. In the event that the wisdom teeth are not extracted, they have the potential to be a chronic source of discomfort, infection, and swelling in the face or along the gum line. Additionally, in certain instances, they can lead to the formation of cysts and tumors. If you're wondering whether to get a wisdom tooth removal in the Bronx, NY, here are some points to consider.

Consider Your Age

Wisdom teeth should be extracted when they have come in or between the ages of 15 and 25, which is the recommendation of most oral surgeons. This is because, typically, at the age of 25, a person's physical development is completed.

You should consider getting your wisdom teeth removed as soon as they come in. Not waiting to extract your wisdom teeth is also a good way to limit their growth, making it easier and less uncomfortable for you during the extraction process.

Check Your Symptoms

There are similar signs that indicate your wisdom teeth are coming in or have become impacted (unable to break through the gum line):

  • Swelling or irritation on the gums behind the second molars
  • Pain on the site of the tooth or around the jaws and face
  • Difficulty opening the mouth
  • White surface emerging from the gum line

Know the Risks of Impacted Teeth

If you have impacted wisdom teeth and they are the source of discomfort as well as other symptoms, leaving them in your mouth might be detrimental to your overall dental health. Wisdom teeth that become impacted increase the risk of abscesses and infections and may even harm neighboring teeth.

Schedule a Consultation for Wisdom Tooth Removal in the Bronx, NY

If you are experiencing discomfort and unsure about a wisdom tooth removal in the Bronx, NY, it is critical to consult with a qualified and experienced dentist and oral surgeon. The Department of Dentistry at Montefiore Medical Center comprises a team of accomplished dental professionals ready to help you feel relief from your symptoms and find your smile again. To schedule a dental consultation, contact (888) -700-6623 today.

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