Does everybody have wisdom teeth?

By Montefiore Medical Center
July 15, 2021

When we think of teeth coming into the smile, we often think of the earlier years when children develop their smile over the course of several years. However, there are some teeth that come later on, including the third molars, more commonly known as the “wisdom teeth.” 

How many wisdom teeth do I have? 

For most patients, four wisdom teeth are often present, with one in each back corner of the mouth. However, there are some patients who have more, and others who might have none at all. Regardless, the situation is the same. Some wisdom teeth will develop just fine and are not a problem, while others have issues that could possibly harm their oral health. In many cases, these teeth need to be removed by a dentist, either with simple or surgical extraction. 

Why do I need my wisdom teeth removed? 

Because of their placement in the back of the mouth, the wisdom teeth can be difficult to brush, floss, and keep clean. This puts the smile at risk of periodontal disease and tooth decay, which can cause harm to not only the wisdom teeth, but the rest of the teeth and gums. For some patients, there is not enough room for their wisdom teeth to come through the gumline, and they become impacted, causing pain and shifting of the surrounding teeth. This warrants removal. 

Don’t I need my wisdom teeth? 

The wisdom teeth used to be important years ago when we needed them to break down harder foods. With natural evolution and changes in the way we prepare our food, these teeth are no longer necessary. Since they are often problematic, they are typically removed by a dental professional at some point in one’s life. 

Do you believe you are in need of wisdom tooth removal? 

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