Why you need regular dental cleanings!

By Montefiore Medical Center
June 15, 2017


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Over 35% of Americans don’t have regular dental exams. This trend is concerning but not surprising, seeing that about 50% of the population have gum disease. Consistent dental cleanings not only guard against the formation of gum disease, they also provide an opportunity to meet with your dentist and get a comprehensive cleaning and polish.

Regular dental visits can detect problems early on:

One of the primary reasons to have regular visits with your dentist is so they can apprehend potential problems. A loose tooth, slightly discolored gums, or a chip may seem like small matters, but left unattended can develop into significant dental issues.

Science continues to show a connection between oral health and overall wellness. For instance, studies have shown that gum disease is associated with cardiovascular disease. If your dentist finds any problems, they can immediately sit down with you and plan out a course of treatment. In addition to a professional cleaning, sometimes your dentist will take new X-rays, fill a cavity, or make sure your fillings are intact. Again, these actions are minor, but they can significantly impact your oral health over time.

During regular dental visits you will get a professional cleaning:

Daily at home dental care is paramount to maintaining a healthy smile. Regular dental visits act as a consistent check on your at home dental care while keeping you on track with flossing and regular brushing. At your dental cleaning, a hygienist will professionally polish, clean, and floss your teeth. This will get rid of plaque, the primary source of tooth decay. The hygienist will use a small tool called a scaler, which is used to reach all around the tooth and along the gum line to eliminate tartar. These regular cleanings will also aid in combatting bad breath.

Regular dental cleanings will allow you to establish a relationship with your dentist:

We don’t plan on them, but we should prepare for dental emergencies. If your dentist has an understanding of your unique medical and dental history through regular dental cleanings, they will be able to quickly assess your situation and begin the appropriate treatment. These regular visits will also allow your dentist to become familiar with your financial situation, dental goals, and concerns. This will allow them to better treat any emergency you may have.

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