Teeth Extractions

By Montefiore Medical Center
June 15, 2019

Though we always advise being careful, accidents may happen that lead you to have to make a decision regarding your tooth. We can come in and help repair the damage or provide more information so you can make the best choice moving forward. If you’ve recently broken a tooth, or have a dental issue that you’ve been putting off, keep reading to learn more about tooth extraction and other options you may need to consider.

Damage Levels

If the damage to your tooth is serious enough, we will need to consider tooth extraction. It may be an option to consider, or it may be your only option. It all depends on what is really going on, and how the health of the tooth is affected.


A dentist or oral surgeon is qualified to extract teeth, but all professionals will attempt to make the process as comfortable as possible for patients. Local anesthesia numbs the surrounding area so the tooth can be pulled painlessly. If you have an impacted tooth, then general anesthesia may be recommended so you can sleep while your dentist removes the tooth. Impacted teeth are stuck into the gums or jaw bone, so the removal of them is a little more lengthy.

The dentist or oral surgeon may need to remove the tooth in more than one piece if it is especially problematic. If you are concerned, seeing a specialist with lots of experience in this area may be the best option to consider.


A hole in your smile is not a welcome idea to many of us. Thankfully, there are a few options to fill the gap that a missing tooth leaves behind. Implants can help beautify your smile in many ways. They help maintain the health of the mouth and also give you cosmetic results that will keep you confidently smiling. Implants can keep the teeth from shifting, which can also help you avoid issues with speech and eating down the road.

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