Four replacement options for missing teeth

By Montefiore Medical Center
July 15, 2019

The dentists of Montefiore Medical Center are committed to helping patients around the community of Bronx, NY in achieving the smile they’ve always wanted. When tooth loss threatens the appearance and function of the smile, it is important for patients to book an appointment with our team to learn about the four replacement options for missing teeth.

Tooth replacement options available

At Montefiore Medical Center, patients in Bronx, NY have many solutions to choose from for replacing one or more teeth within the smile. Below are four of the options available:

• Dentures – dentures are an economical option for tooth replacement. This may include two different types, including partial dentures and full dentures. Partial dentures use a metal and acrylic framework that snap into the dental arch and uses false teeth to replace those that are missing or extraction. Full dentures, or “complete dentures,” are used for replacing the entire arch of teeth and are made of custom acrylics for a natural appearance.
• Dental bridges – bridges are restorations made of porcelain that include false teeth fused to dental crowns. These are used in replacing one or more teeth in a row. Dental bridges are a more permanent option that dentures but are less expensive than solutions like dental implants.
• Dental implants – dental implants are a popular choice for many of our patients seeking the replacement of a single tooth. These titanium posts are placed into the bone of the jaw during oral surgery. The implants work great because they stimulate the body’s natural bone growth process, called osseointegration, which wraps around the implant to keep it in place. Implants provide the best functionality among tooth replacement choices.
• Implant-retained dentures – for patients who require a full denture but are interested in a more stable solution, implant-retained dentures may be recommended by our team at Montefiore Medical Center. Implant-retained dentures are full dentures that are held in place with four dental implants along the arch for optimum strength and stability.

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Replacements for Missing Teeth


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