Understanding the purpose of prosthodontics

By Montefiore Medical Center
February 15, 2021

There are many dental specialties that are recognized by the American Dental Association. This includes prosthodontics. Prosthodontics is a unique area that helps patients replace missing teeth or repair them when they are broken or not function properly. When oral function, appearance, and health are a concern, it is vital that patients visit a dentist who has experience in prosthodontics to receive the best possible care and attention.

What does a prosthodontist do?

Prosthodontists are dental professionals who are focus on the manufacturing, designing, and fitting of replacements for the smile, including the fabrication of dentures, dental implants, dental crowns, and other solutions to restore function and beauty to the smile. At Montefiore Medical Center, we are dedicated to ensuring our patients have solutions that work best for their unique needs. This includes creating restorations to help them enjoy their favorite foods again while also smiling with confidence!

What are some of the more common solutions provided by a prosthodontist?

When patients visit Montefiore Medical Center to ask about prosthodontic treatments, they find that these professionals are responsible for many restorations that are commonly used in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. They include:

•             Porcelain veneers
•             Dental crowns
•             Dental implants
•             Full dentures
•             Partial dentures
•             Dental bridges

Which prosthodontic treatment is appropriate for my smile?

Patients are often referred to a prosthodontist when the smile needs to be repaired. The prosthodontist has the ability to restore teeth to improve function and appearance using any of the above solutions. With an initial evaluation of the patient’s needs, a prosthodontist can make recommendations regarding the most appropriate treatment options that can be used to achieve the desired results. In some instances, several options might be available. This includes replacing missing teeth, as solutions range from bridges, full dentures, partial dentures, and dental implants.

Learn more about prosthodontics today

At Montefiore Medical Center, we work routinely with patients who have imperfections of the smile that impact the function and appearance of the teeth and gums. If you are interested in finding out more about restorative solutions for your smile, call our main office number at (888) 700-6623 to request an appointment at one of our 11 conveniently locations in the communities of New York.



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