Facts about gum recession

By henley.tabal
April 15, 2022

Woman with gum inflammation, closeupAt Montefiore Medical Center, we see patients regularly who have concerns with their smile. This may include the recession of their gum tissue. With the help of our dentists, patients can restore their smile and address a variety of issues that may be either functional, health-related, or cosmetic. Patients are welcome to schedule a consultation appointment with our team to determine the cause of their issue and resolve it. This includes gum recession.

What is gum recession?

Gum recession is the shrinking of the gum tissue that can result in a lengthened appearance to the teeth. It also contributes to the formation of pockets between the tissues and the teeth where bacteria can thrive and allow periodontal disease to take over. Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is an infection that can contribute to gum recession as well as the loss of bone and teeth.

Who is at risk of gum recession?

Gum recession may be caused by different reasons, so understanding how it can develop will allow patients to determine the best way to keep the condition from occurring whenever possible. Some reasons why gum recession occurs is due to:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Gum disease/periodontitis
  • Clenching and grinding
  • Aggressive brushing of the teeth
  • Aggressive flossing

What are the best treatment options for gum recession?

First, patients who have gum recession due to conditions such as periodontal disease will want to speak with a provider to treat the infection first. Then, procedures such as gum grafting may be performed to restore gum tissue that may have been lost with time. This procedure uses donor tissue from either the patient themselves or another person to add gum tissue where it is needed. In addition to eliminating pockets, this treatment improves the appearance of the smile as well and restores what was lost.

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