Commonly Misunderstood Dental Facts

By Montefiore Medical Center
November 15, 2018

Dental Care Bronx NYWe hear a lot of things patients believe about teeth, and correct people whenever they come into our office with dangerous or unhealthy ideas. But, not all of our patients ask questions or say how much they know about them. You may believe things about teeth from what you’ve seen on television, heard from friends, or even just studies or articles that have been clarified. Keep reading for some commonly misunderstood dental ideas.

Sensitive Teeth Mean Cavities

Though sensitive teeth can sometimes hint at trouble, they don’t always mean that you have a cavity. In fact, a sensitive tooth may not mean anything serious at all. Sometimes a newly developed sensitivity just means that you need to brush more gently, or that you need to try a toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Regardless, it’s important to have your dentist check out your tooth to make sure everything is okay. Sometimes a sensitivity can hint at a cavity or a tooth that has been broken. Don’t worry, and just have your dentist take a look before you panic.

Sugar is Sugar

While sugar isn’t good for your teeth, it’s a little more complex than you may think. Sugar and how it reacts in your mouth can spell cavities down the road, but you can minimize your risk by doing one simple thing. Eating candy or sugary treats all at once can actually lower your risk of developing cavities.

It may not make much sense at first, but think about this. When you eat sugar in the form of candy or soda (or anything), it takes the bacteria in your mouth around twenty seconds to convert that sugar into acid. That acid can then linger in your mouth for up to thirty minutes, where it can start to lead to cavities.

From now on, think about how much time your teeth are exposed to that acid and plan accordingly. Eating a larger amount of candy in one go is actually better for your teeth than eating a small amount more spaced out over time. Eating the candy you were planning on all at once can actually lower your risk of developing cavities, due to less exposure to dangerous acid.

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