Best Foods For Dental Health

By Montefiore Medical Center
July 15, 2018

Dental Care Bronx NYWhen it comes to teeth, we love a chatty patient. If you’re curious about your dental health, feel free to ask us questions! After all, we might as well educate you while we’re cleaning those pearly whites of yours!
One question we recently got from an amazing patient was about basic dental health. Specifically, this patient was wondering how she could keep cavities and other dental issues at bay. While we can’t promise anything, we do have some basic tips to help you keep your teeth top notch. Keep reading to learn about some of the best and worst foods for your teeth.


Dark, Leafy Vegetables

It shouldn’t surprise you that some foods that are recommended for general health are also pretty good for your teeth. Dark, leafy vegetables (think kale and spinach) are high in calcium, which is important for strong teeth. Upping your intake of these veggies can help keep your teeth extra strong, so don’t be afraid to opt for a salad next time you’re out!



Unfortunately yes, the rumors are true. Candy is not (and will probably never be) especially good for your teeth. All that sugar sitting on your teeth can cause cavities. If you must indulge, try not to expose your teeth to this kind of sugar every day.
If you have a sweet tooth, try to keep it at bay by swapping out the candy in your dish for some nuts or fresh fruit. When in doubt, finish off that sugary splurge with a glass of water.


Soda pop or soft drinks? Whatever you call them, they’re probably not helping your teeth very much. Soda contains a lot of sugar, which sits on the teeth even after you’ve thrown the can into the recycling. Even worse–many soft drinks are acidic, which helps break down the enamel of your teeth even faster. Try to keep away from these as much as possible, but finish with water or brush your teeth to prevent damage.
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