Invisalign may be the Answer to your Bite Issues

By Montefiore Medical Center
August 15, 2017

Invisalign NYThe smile is useful in so many ways. As dental professionals, we may seem to look first at how teeth serve functional needs. Ok. We do. But we also realize that the appearance of a person’s teeth will directly affect their overall sense of wellbeing; their very sense of self. If you have bite issues of any kind, you know what we mean.

When you chew, you do not want to experience discomforts such as biting your cheek or lip. When you speak, you’d like to do so with clarity. When you smile, we suspect that you’d like people to notice your straight, healthy teeth. Overcrowding and malocclusion may significantly downgrade both the appearance and the function of teeth. As a result, full wellness cannot be experienced.

What does it mean to have a bad bite?

Malocclusion is often referred to as a bad bite. This term may be used to describe a few different situations. A person with an over-bite, under-bite, cross-bite, or open-bite, or simple overcrowding, may say they have a bad bite. What might this look like?

  • Overcrowded teeth may overlap one another. They may also inhibit the development of permanent teeth, depending on the age of the patient. When teeth are overcrowded, there is also a higher prevalence of decay and gum disease.
  • An over-bite may occur when the front teeth overlap more prominently, causing protrusion of the upper teeth at the very front of the mouth.
  • An under-bite may be characterized by the prominence of front, lower teeth, which sit in front of top teeth.
  • An open bite inhibits the overlap that is needed for structural balance across the upper and lower arches.
  • The overlapping of lower teeth over top teeth indicates cross-bite.

Invisalign for Malocclusion

The correction of malocclusion and other alignment concerns is important for the smile to be healthy and attractive. We are proud to provide a range of care to help patients enjoy their best smile for life. In some instances, traditional orthodontics or even orthognathic surgery is necessary. Sometimes, though, the desired improvement can be achieved without braces.

Invisalign aligner treatment is a precision process that is guided by sophisticated 3-D software and ongoing progress checks. Benefits of treatment are well-known and include the ability to continue normal eating habits (for the most part) and maintaining a natural appearance throughout care.

Would you like to know more about correcting misalignment? We’d love to speak with you. Call Montefiore Department of Dentistry at 888-700-6623.



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