How To Make An Appointment

If you want routine dental care such as cleaning, fillings, whitening or a tooth removed.
If you want a free dental implant consult.
If you child has been assigned to Montefiore for orthodontia (braces).
If you want your child seen by a pediatric dentist.
To find out if we accept your insurance or participate in your managed care plan.
To make an appointment for a patient with medical or physical disabilities.
If you have an emergency and need to be seen today.

Appointments: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get care close to home or work?
Do you have evening or weekend appointments?
Can I request an appointment with a specific doctor?
Can I request an appointment with a specialist?
What if I have a question about my bill?
What if I have a question for the doctor who is already treating me?
Can I complete registration forms online?
How do I cancel or change an appointment?

Call (888) -700-6623 to schedule a consultation and learn more.