General Dentistry Residency Bronx NY

Program Description

The General Practice Residency Program at Montefiore accepts approximately 60 residents each year. Second year positions with several tracts (endo, perio, O.R., advanced prosthodontics) are also available.

The experience of being a General Practice Resident at Montefiore is invaluable. It is, however, very demanding, physically, and academically. You will have the opportunity for total immersion into hospital life — managing patients whose oral health is part of their total health. Because it is a hospital based program, you will have an opportunity to see how your dental care relates to care provided by colleagues, dental specialties, medicine and other allied health fields.

During the course of your residency at Montefiore, you will have an opportunity to gain knowledge, skill and expertise over a wide scope of dentistry.

  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Fixed and removable prosthetics (including dental implants)
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Limited Pedodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Endodontics

You will provide care to your assigned patients under the supervision of experienced general dentists as well as with board certified specialists in many dental specialties. By working beside faculty, while treating your own patients, you will grow in experience and confidence.

In addition to providing dental care to community based residents, you will participate in providing medical and dental care for medically compromised and special needs patients.

Off Service Rotations


Prior to the beginning of the Anesthesia rotation, all residents receive airway management training in our Simulation Lab

The Montefiore Einstein Center for Innovation in Simulation (MECIS) features sophisticated, state-of-the-art simulation technologies that are on the cutting edge of medical education and research. MECIS, a dynamic, multi-disciplinary training environment strengthens learning and training procedures for healthcare professionals at all stages of their careers, ultimately leading to improved patient safety and reduced medical errors.

MECIS uses highly advanced simulation technology – including life-size low, mid to high fidelity mannequins alongside virtual reality technology (haptic devices) – to mimic clinical events in a way that is not possible with standardized patients or other training tools. Simulation technology uses computer programming that replicates real-life situations for hands-on inter-professional and multi- institutional team training preparing teams and individuals to effectively manage critical scenarios, manage skill decay, develop new skills or procedures, improvement of team communication or testing competencies all in efforts reduce medical errors while promoting patient safety.

Each resident is then assigned to the Department of Anesthesiology for a (2) week rotation at our Hutchinson Campus where you will:

  • Achieve an understanding of the functions of the hospital operating room
  • Observe and participate in the activities of Anesthesiology
  • Help assess the pre-operative physical and laboratory status of patients
  • Develop venipuncture skills
  • Appreciate and experience techniques of anesthesia induction and intubation
  • Learn and assess measures of patient monitoring under anesthesia
  • Experience the essentials of airway control and management
  • Observe and assess the pharmacological effects of central nervous system depressants
  • Learn techniques for the prevention of anesthetic emergencies
  • Observe and supervise patient recovery from anesthesia
  • Internal Medicine

    The Departments of Internal Medicine and Dentistry strive to improve the quality of health care through excellence in the education of residents. Residents join a teaching team, composed of a full-time faculty attending, and/or upper level resident, interns and third year medical students. The goal is to provide medical knowledge through discovery, integration, and translation to the clinical setting. The rotation is a 3 week commitment. The resident is expected to attend and participate in all pertinent seminars and conferences. The rotation is structured to give the resident maximum exposure to an appropriate patient base.

    Residents are expected to develop basic communication skills with their medical colleagues, which enables them to better communicate when answering patient consults from health care providers. During this rotation residents:

  • Perform patient history and physical examination (assist)
  • Assess the effects of multiple pharmacologic agents and polypharmacy
  • Learn medical terminology and acronyms used in the medical record
  • Communicate effectively with physicians regarding medical consults
  • Assess patient medical risk for dental procedures
  • Develop a general medical knowledge base for evaluation of common medical conditions
  • Department of Dentistry Rotations

  • You will have rotations to (4) sites where you will develop enhanced skills and expertise in all phases of general dentistry for adults.
  • Blondell – Oral surgery and Perio
    Schiff – Oral Surgery
    Wakefield – General Practice/Endodontics/Limited Pediatrics
    Prospect – O.R. Admission and Treatment

  • You may choose from electives in pedodontics, or I.V. sedation. All residents are assigned rotations in endodontics and periodontics as well as a one month rotation in the O.R. where you will admit, treat and discharge medically, mentally or physically challenged patients.
  • Rotations are designed to further enhance your training and to assist in making your decision to pursue a specialty.
  • You will rotate through Oral Surgery at (2) sites for a 3 week experience.
  • At the Centennial Dental Clinic you may take advantage of the opportunity to obtain certification in conscious sedation after the completion of (20) cases.
  • On Staurdays, at Centennial, you have the ability to restore implants.
  • Hospital Call

    You will be responsible for assessing and treating dental emergencies and maxillofacial trauma admitted to the hospital emergency room. The OMFS and pediatric dentistry residents provide back-up, advice and assistance when needed. The on-call schedule requires you to be physically present in the hospital (2-3) nights per month and palliative care is provided throughout the night. On-call rooms are available as residents are required to stay on site when they are on call.


    Lectures and seminars are held most days from July through December before and/or after regular clinic hours. January through June seminars are mostly reserved for Patient Care conferences and Literature Review. Residents and attending staff members meet regularly.


    As a resident in the Montefiore Department of Dentistry, you will treat patients at many of the department’s clinics and facilities. The Department has clean, modern, state of the art clinics that are new or recently remodeled. All are located in the Bronx. They include the locations listed below. For maps and specific locations click here.

    • Blondell Dental Clinic
    • Broadway Dental Clinic
    • Centennial Dental Clinic
    • Prospect Dental Clinic
    • Schiff Dental Clinic
    • Wakefield Ambulatory Care Center (WACC) Dental Clinic
    • Rose F. Kennedy Center / The Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center

    Why Choose Montefiore Medical Center for Your General Practice Residency?

    • Diverse patient population
    • Extensive clinical experience
    • Excellent support from medical and dental staff
    • Supervised by experienced hands on faculty
    • Extensive conscious sedation experience
    • Interaction with other dental and medical post-graduate residents
    • State of the art equipment


    Full Time

    • David Baskas, D.D.S.
    • Alexei Bondarev, D.D.S.
    • Sharon Distant-Johnson, D.M.D.
    • Jade Duncan, D.D.S.
    • John Dyer, D.D.S.
    • Larry Genser, D.D.S.
    • Nadine Newsome, D.D.S., M.P.H. Director
      • Click Here to read more about Nadine Newsome, D.D.S., M.P.H.
    • Jacqueline Polanco, D.D.S.
    • Rocio Reteguis, D.D.S.

    Part Time

    • Enrique Bursian, D.D.S.
    • Robert Kirchmann, D.D.S.
    • Regina Koenig, D.M.D.
    • David Lieberman, D.D.S.
    • Leonard Mark, D.D.S.
    • James Martyniak, D.D.S.
    • Marie McKenzie-Tola, D.D.S.
    • James Melillo, D.D.S.
    • Marta Williams, D.D.S.

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