Montefiore Department of Dentistry | Dental Residency FAQs Bronx NY



Montefiore has some housing for residents. Requests for housing are prioritized based on the distance the resident is from his or her permanent address and on the date applications are received. You should contact the House Staff office as soon as you are selected for a residency at Montefiore. The phone number is 718-920-2341.


Residents can access their meal allotment by using the bar code on their ID card at any Montefiore food court.

On Call Accommodations

Rooms for on call residents are available at the Moses and Wakefield campuses.



  • Healthcare is provided for residents. Details about the available plans are available from the House Staff Office at 718-920-2341.
  • Healthcare is available for family members and significant others. Details are available from the House Staff Office.

Program Cost Payments

Residents have the following options:

  • One lump sum payment
  • Two payments, one in July and one in January
  • Biweekly payments deducted from your stipend

Parking & Transportation

Parking is extremely limited around Montefiore, the dental clinics and the other hospitals served by our residents.

With the exceptions outlined below, the department does not provide or pay for transportation. Residents not living in Montefiore housing are strongly advised to use public transportation.

Residents living in Montefiore housing may pay extra for a parking space. Rent and parking are deducted from the bi-weekly stipend.

General practice residents are reimbursed for oncall taxi expenses used to shuttle between emergency departments at the Moses, Weiler and Wakefield campuses only on nights and weekends where the shuttle service is not available.

  • Montefiore provides shuttle service between the Moses, Weiler, and Wakefield campuses during normal business hours
  • Otherwise, the program does not pay for parking or transportation.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery residents must have a car regardless of where they live. Public transportation is not a viable option for Jersey City Medical Center rotations and call.

  • The program does not pay for parking at any clinic or hospital.

Orthodontic residents receive parking as part of their program cost.

  • However, parking is extremely limited so use of public transportation is advised.


Residents are allowed 20 days of vacation. The days may not be carried over from one year to the next. The chief resident and the program director are responsible for scheduling vacations.

Sick Leave

Residents are allowed 12 sick days per year.

Call (888) -700-6623 to schedule a consultation and learn more.