Oral Surgery Bronx NY

The Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Montefiore is the largest program of its kind in the U.S. We diagnose and treat diseases, deformities, injuries and ailments of the jaws, teeth, gums, head, face, mouth and neck.

We offer a full range of services, from treating simple infections and performing tooth extractions to the most complex and demanding reconstructive procedures to repair facial bone deformities. We offer the latest technology and the benefit of our vast expertise, along with a well-earned reputation for total patient care.

Surgical Team of Specialized Dentists

Our integrated team of surgeons is composed of the nations most skilled, specialized dentists. We offer extensive experience in corrective and restorative surgery, including dental implants, jaw surgery and treatment for oral cancer. We also perform trauma surgery and cosmetic surgery, such as repair of cleft palate and lip.

Montefiore’s multidisciplinary approach begins with a collaborative diagnosis and determination of the best course of treatment, based on each patient’s unique circumstances. We balance exceptional surgical abilities with compassionate, comprehensive patient care. Whenever appropriate, our department works closely with Montefiore’s outstanding Craniofacial Center for the most successful outcomes.

National Leader in Dental Implants

Montefiore performs more dental implants than any other facility in the nation, and our track record in this area is unrivaled. After a free consultation, eligible patients receive the finest quality artificial “teeth,” which are permanently implanted into the jawbone. The result is a set of natural-looking, fully functioning replacement teeth, which greatly improve many patients’ quality of life and facial appearance.

Specialists in Jaw Surgery and Tumor Removal

Jaw surgery is another area of focus at Montefiore. We are exceptionally skilled at removing tumors of the jaw bone and repairing the area using bone grafts. We have developed innovative uses of bone grafting in the lower jaw, allowing successful implanting for those without enough jaw to secure a conventional implant.

We help many patients with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, which includes a number of jaw problems, often marked by pain or a persistent clicking noise. We diagnose and treat these disorders with the most advanced surgical methods available. Montefiore also excels at repairing other jaw imperfections, including realignment surgery, which can ensure full tooth function and enhance facial appearance.

Pioneers in Platelet-Rich Plasma

Montefiore is New York’s largest user of cutting-edge platelet-rich plasma (PRP) techniques in our oral and maxillofacial surgery. PRP is a byproduct of blood that greatly speeds healing by generating new tissue. Employing the latest techniques, we can harvest PRP from a small amount of a patient’s blood. Montefiore has also pioneered the growth of artificial bone with PRP for use in oral surgery.

Providing Affordable Quality Dental Care

All our efforts are strongly tailored to the needs—both financial and medical—of our patients. Thanks to the use of skilled residents, we deliver the highest quality dental and oral surgery in the nation at an extremely affordable cost.

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