Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Sore Or Bleeding Gums

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July 31, 2015

Healthy teeth and gums are indispensable for maintaining good health in general. After all, everything we eat passes through our mouth before going into our digestive tract. However when we talk about healthy mouth, we generally focus on teeth conditions and forget about another important part of our dental structure, the gums that hold the teeth. Lack of proper dental care can lead to infection of the gums, eventually resulting in bone damage and loss of tooth. It is important to watch out for sore and bleeding gums so that periodontal diseases can be treated immediately.

What Do Sore or Bleeding Gums Reveal?

  • Gingivitis: In this mild form of periodontal disease, the gum becomes inflamed which instead causes irritation. The gap formed between the tooth and the gum increases and forms a pocket. Continuous accumulation of food particles in this pocket can lead to bleeding and swelling and lead to severe cases of periodontitis.
  • Periodontitis: Once the infection spreads to the bone that supports the teeth, periodontitis takes effect. The symptoms being gum recession, redness, swelling, and bleeding which gets worse at this point. The infection may start eating away at the bone leading the tooth to start feeling loose.
  • Advanced periodontitis: At the advanced level, the affected pockets deepen and can become pus-filled. As the bone loss continues the teeth starts becoming sensitive to hot and cold food and one may feel pain while brushing. In some cases, tooth extraction becomes inevitable to prevent the disease from spreading.


By consulting the doctor, you can know which treatment is the best for your sore and bleeding gums. Upon diagnosis, the doctor can ask you to undergo a scaling or grafting procedure. In scaling, the doctor removes plaque from below your gum line leading the gums to reattach with the teeth. In grafting, some tissues are taken from the roof of your mouth and are used to cover the exposed root, which in turn stops the gum from receding any further.

Need Help with Sore or Bleeding Gums? Contact the Montefiore Department of Dentistry.

If you need help with sore and bleeding gum issues, contact Montefiore Department of Dentistry. You can also call us at 888-700-6623.

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