Why Routine Dental Care Is Important

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April 23, 2015

A routine dental visit can help keep your teeth and gums in top working condition, and prevent the development of serious dental issues. While this is something that most of us are already aware of, latest research has also gone to show that dental health is linked to the overall health of an individual, and how heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease and cancer can develop from poor oral health. This lays further emphasis on how important it is to meet a dental hygienist or dentist once in every six months to ensure that the teeth and gums are in good working order.

What happens during a routine dental visit?

Dental examination: The dentist examines the teeth to check for tartar or plaque depositions and cavities. While plaque is just a thin film of bacteria that can be cleared out through good dental habits, it can grow into the more stubborn tartar if not removed, which in turn leads to oral diseases. The dentist may also measure the space in between the gums and the teeth, as individuals with gum disease  have deeper spaces. It is also natural for dentists to examine the bite, lower jaw joint and saliva as part of the checkup. The dentist checks the mouth, tongue, neck, head, face and throat to see if there are any symptoms of vitamin deficiencies, oral cancer and diabetes.

Cleaning: The regular brush and floss routine at home may help keep plaque at bay, but tartar depositions cannot be removed at home. The dentist can remove any tartar buildup in the teeth through scaling during the routine visit. The teeth may be subjected to polishing after scaling, which helps treat surface stains on the teeth. The dentist also flosses between the teeth to make sure that the area between the teeth are completely clean.

The dentist may suggest alternate flossing or brushing methods if they find that the current dental habits and techniques that you practice are not doing the job.

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