Should I Get An Electric Toothbrush?

By Montefiore Medical Center
April 15, 2019

Routine Dental Care Bronx, NYAs we get older, we start to appreciate those “useful” gifts that we never would have liked as kids. Gifts like sweaters, socks, waffle-makers, and air purifiers climb to the top of our lists, and we get the most use out of them. So, if you have a birthday coming up, you may be starting to get questions about what you’d like. And, if you’re like us, you have an electric toothbrush at the top of your list. But, if you’re on the fence, keep reading. We can provide more information about electric toothbrushes and everything to consider before you upgrade.

There are many types of electric toothbrushes on the market, but in general they are toothbrushes that vibrate or rotate to help remove plaque from teeth and gums. They could be battery-powered or re-chargeable when plugged into an outlet.

Pros of Electric Toothbrushes

Effective – Generally, studies indicate that electric toothbrushes decrease the amount of plaque and gingivitis in users more than manual toothbrush users.

Kids – If an electric toothbrush is more exciting to your child and makes them enjoy brushing their teeth more, it can encourage better oral health and set up healthy habits.

Mobility IssuesElectric toothbrushes may be easier to use for people who have issues with mobility in their hands. If you suffer from carpal tunnel, arthritis, or even multiple sclerosis, an electric toothbrush could make brushing that much easier.

Cons of Electric Toothbrushes

CostElectric toothbrushes are more expensive than manual toothbrushes. Prices range anywhere from $15 to $250 per brush. Factor in the cost of replacement heads and batteries before you decide on a brush. You may not enjoy it so much after you consider your wallet.

Inconvenient – Not all stores will carry the specific brush heads you need, and you may need to track them down online. You can choose to stock up and have enough on hand to last a year or more, but that will mean dropping more dough at once.

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