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By Montefiore Medical Center
May 15, 2016

Taking good care of your oral health is important for everyone. And if you’re pregnant, it’s all the more essential. That’s because the hormonal changes you experience while pregnant increase your risk for gum disease, which can, in turn, affect the development of your baby. If you’re pregnant, or thinking about becoming pregnant, here are some ways to ensure proper oral health as a way to maintain your overall health:

  • Avoid dental treatments during the first trimester and the second part of your third trimester. This is when your baby’s growth and development is critical, so scheduling dental appointments outside of these timeframes will protect against any procedures that could possibly affect your baby.
  • List all medications for your dentist. Depending on the medications you’re taking, your dentist may find it necessary to tweak your dental treatment plan.
  • Keep up on brushing and flossing. Perhaps now more than ever, it’s important to brush twice a day (a soft-bristled brush is best), as well as floss regularly to effectively remove plaque and protect against gum disease.
  • Combat morning sickness. If you vomit frequently from morning sickness, rinse your mouth out with water or a mouth rinse to get rid of acid buildup on your teeth. And if your nausea is making it difficult to brush, consider switching to bland-tasting toothpaste until this phase passes.
  • Eat well. It may be surprising to learn that your baby’s teeth actually begin to form during the first trimester. Maintain a healthy, balanced diet by eating foods like cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products, as well as green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit. And be sure to drink plenty of water.
  • Don’t skip your dental exams. Regular dental visits are extremely important during pregnancy, so make it a point to visit your dentist for a routine cleaning and check-up in order to keep you and your mouth healthy as your baby develops.

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