How do I choose a cosmetic dentist?

By Montefiore Medical Center
August 15, 2020

Finding a cosmetic dentist is slightly different than seeking the services of a general dentist. Cosmetic dentists have special skill sets which allow them to enhance the smile with services that are dedicated to improving aesthetics. A cosmetic dentist can work with patients to help them choose the procedures that will help them achieve the best possible smile!

What makes a good cosmetic dentist?

While there are no special degrees or certifications for a cosmetic dentist, there are ways in which patients can find a quality provider who has the training an experience in providing aesthetic dental work. A skilled cosmetic professional will often have:

•            The opportunity to show patients before and after photos of previous cosmetic treatments of past patients
•            Memberships in special organizations that focus on the professional industry of cosmetic dentistry
•            Training and experience in providing a wide range of cosmetic services for patients
•            Post-graduate studies from reputable colleges, programs, and organizations that focus on cosmetic dental work

How do I choose a cosmetic dentist?

After you have reviewed a dentist’s personal achievements in the field of cosmetic dentistry, the next step is to schedule a consultation appointment with the team and speak to the dentist directly about the treatments you would like for your smile. If there are a variety of cosmetic issues, the dentist may recommend a smile makeover, during which a treatment plan to correct many areas of the smile is developed with the help of both dentist and patient. This may include a wide range of treatments to achieve the final results. A quality cosmetic dentist will also provide payment and financing options, while the front office team will work with one’s dental insurance plan to significantly reduce costs where applicable. Our professionals understand that cosmetic treatments need to be attainable financially and can help make that possible!

Request a consultation with the providers at Montefiore Medical Center

Working with an experienced cosmetic dentist is the first step in a stunning smile! We have 11 convenient locations and encourage you to call (888) 700-6623 and schedule an appointment. We are here for new and current patients in the community who are seeking quality, comprehensive dental care solutions for their smiles!

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