How Does Semaglutide Work for Weight Loss

In this material, we talk about Semaglutide for weight loss. Recent findings have shown Semaglutide to be a revolutionary aid to weight loss. Its ability to fill up the appetite and create a caloric deficit makes it a powerful aid to weight management. Thus, it behaves like a hormone known as GLP-1 (Glucagon-like peptide 1), […]

How do I get Ozempic for $25 a month

The medication Ozempic (Semaglutide) has made a real boom among people who suffer from being overweight and wish to lose weight. Interestingly, this drug is certified for use by diabetics, but it has gained wide popularity specifically for weight loss. The principle of Ozempic is very simple, but on the other hand ingenious: the drug […]

Tirzepatide vs Semaglutide: Choosing the Best Treatment

Spending a headache on lost effort in vain? You’re not alone. A lot of individuals are plagued by weight problems, and this has promoted battling for weight management which can be extremely stressful. Maybe you have tried classic dieting and workout regimens, and the figures still don’t meet your expectations; it is time to consider […]

Semaglutide Cost and Insurance Considerations

   In this article, we will examine the complex issues surrounding semaglutide, its uses, recommended dosage, most common side effects, insurance coverage, and cost of Semaglutide. Whether you plan to take it for weight control or another medical reason, the financial landscape is fundamental so that you can decide with sufficient information. What is Semaglutide? […]

Questions about Wisdom Tooth Removal

By admin November 5, 2014 Wisdom teeth are an extra set of molars that often develop when a person is between the ages of 15 and 25. The average person’s mouth is considered too small to support the extra molars, and wisdom teeth often become impacted when they are growing in. Impacted teeth can cause […]

Montefiore Department of Dentistry | Don’t Need Wisdom Teeth

By editor October 15, 2015 Talk about false advertising — wisdom teeth are anything but smart. Some people think they can let them erupt and come down and join their other permanent teeth. But the reality is that wisdom teeth can cause all sorts of dental issues and most people need to have them removed. […]

Why patients might require wisdom tooth removal

By Montefiore Medical Center January 15, 2021 With an oral examination and a series of x-rays, the dentists at Montefiore Medical Center can easily spot issues within the smile that may require dental treatments. Once common concern is that of the wisdom teeth, or the “third molars.” These teeth are known for becoming potential issues […]

Montefiore Department of Dentistry | Prosthodontics

By editor November 15, 2015 Prosthodontics is one of the nine dental specialties that the American Dental Association recognizes. If you have a health problem that’s caused by missing or deficient teeth or issues with maxillofacial tissues, you might benefit from prosthodontics. The specialty involves the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation, and maintenance of oral function, […]

Understanding the purpose of prosthodontics

By Montefiore Medical Center February 15, 2021 There are many dental specialties that are recognized by the American Dental Association. This includes prosthodontics. Prosthodontics is a unique area that helps patients replace missing teeth or repair them when they are broken or not function properly. When oral function, appearance, and health are a concern, it […]

Four replacement options for missing teeth

By Montefiore Medical Center July 15, 2019 The dentists of Montefiore Medical Center are committed to helping patients around the community of Bronx, NY in achieving the smile they’ve always wanted. When tooth loss threatens the appearance and function of the smile, it is important for patients to book an appointment with our team to […]